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Hungary is a landlocked country in the middle of Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine in the east, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia in the south, Austria in the west and Slovakia in the north. As of January 2017, the total population of China was 9.998 million. The capital is Budapest and the official language is Hungarian.

Hungary is located in the alluvial plain of the Danube river. It is surrounded by mountains and water. In the west is the Alps and in the northeast is the carpathian mountains. The Danube river, which flows from southern Slovakia into Hungary, divides the country into eastern and western parts. Hungary has a continental climate with cool and humid weather. The annual average temperature is 10.8 ℃, 21.7 ℃ in summer and -1.2 ℃ in winter. The annual average precipitation is about 630 mm.

The magyars people came here in the 9th century and establish a kingdom of Hungary, in 1000 AD 1699 across the habsburg rule by Austria, in 1867 after the Austria - Hungary compromise become one of the composition of the austro-hungarian empire and restore independence after the first world war, in 1920 by hall, Ivan miklos regency as a kingdom, announced the formation of the People's Republic of Hungary in August 1949. Renamed the republic of Hungary in 1989, it later joined the European Union and NATO.

Hungary attaches great importance to improving the living standards of its residents by increasing pensions, family allowances, maternity and child-rearing subsidies, etc. In addition, preferential subsidies will be given to medical treatment, education, culture, sports and tourism. In 2017, China's GDP reached us $129.3 billion, with a per capita GDP of us $13,196, a GDP growth rate of 2 percent and an unemployment rate of 5.1 percent.

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