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Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade Survey

"Western China International Investment and Trade Fair", formerly known as "China (Chongqing) International Investment and global procurement fair", has been held for 20 times as of May 24, 2018

On May 24, 2018, with the approval of the state, the upcoming 21st China (Chongqing) International Investment and global procurement fair was officially renamed "Western China International Investment and Trade Fair" (hereinafter referred to as "Western China Fair"), and the number of sessions of Chongqing Fair will be continued.

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Thematic activities
  • Guizhou grand health industry investment promotion meeting

    During the second "western China investment and trade fair", guizhou province's grand health, medical and breeding industry investment and matching meeting was held in chongqing on July 17. The participants from guizhou and chongqing gathered in chongqing to discuss the development status of the grand health industry, discuss cooperation and seek common development.

  • Western open summit

    One of the important activities of the second west China international investment and trade fair, the west China open summit was held in chongqing yuelai international conference center on May 16.

  • The 7th Hungarian cultural festival in western China

    The consulate general of Hungary in chongqing organizes the Hungarian cultural festival twice a year (namely spring in Budapest and autumn in Budapest). Many works by Zsuzsa Gajdan, a famous Hungarian painter, were on display at the event. One group of works called "chongqing series" is particularly eye-catching.

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Exhibition strategy

Exhibition strategy

Exhibition strategy

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  • Opening ceremony and signing of major projects

  • cross-border investment and trade matchmaking conference

  • Hechuan district centralized signing ceremony scene

  • The second west qia meeting hechuan exhibition hall

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Take advantage of the west qia will be a large number of projects signed down in chongqing

Holding an open mind and promoting altruistic culture, xiqiahui is an important window for chongqing to promote open cooperation. This meeting, the city's districts and counties actively participate in, not only to show their featured products, but also to promote a number of investment projects. Over the past few days, a large number of projects have been successfully signed and settled in the districts and counties of our city by taking advantage of xqia, an important platform to share the development opportunities in the west and even in all provinces, counties and cities.


Xinhuanet takes you to explore the special exhibition area

On May 26, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of tang met respectively with to chongqing to attend the west will contact the China communications construction group co., LTD., President of Chen Fenjian, China's energy construction group co., LTD., chairman of jian-ping wang, deputy general manager of China aluminum group co., LTD., bloore, guo guangchang, chairman of fosun group, China national chemical engineering group co., LTD., chairman of the wear and root, the state power investment group co., LTD., chairman of Qian Zhimin.


What new pattern does the word "xiqiahui" become in chongqing?

A model of a small commercial launch vehicle displayed at the 21st international investment and trade fair in western China. Photo by li xiangbo, xinhuanet

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