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The republic of Uruguay, referred to as "Uruguay", is located in the southeast of South America, on the east bank of the Uruguay river and the la plata river, adjacent to Brazil in the north, Argentina in the west, and the Atlantic ocean in the southeast.

Uruguay was originally inhabited by indians. It was fought over by Spain and Portugal after 1680. It was colonized by Spain in 1778. It was occupied by Portugal in 1816. It was incorporated into Brazil in 1821. Independence from the Brazilian empire on August 25, 1825. A military government was established in 1973 and returned to civilian rule in 1984.

About 90 percent of Uruguay's population is white, with the remaining 8 percent being of mixed indo-european ancestry. Mostly Catholic. The official language is Spanish. The capital is Montevideo. Most of the territory flat terrain, agriculture and animal husbandry developed. It is a member of the union of South American nations.

Uruguay has a temperate climate and is known as the "Switzerland of South America" for its beautiful natural scenery and stable social environment. Because its shape resembles gem and abounds in amethyst again, obtain "diamond country".

Uruguay is a moderately developed country with a high per capita GDP and one of the highest living standards, clean government and political stability in South America.

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