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The 7th Hungarian cultural festival in western China

The consulate general of Hungary in chongqing organizes the Hungarian cultural festival twice a year (namely spring in Budapest and autumn in Budapest). Many works by Zsuzsa Gajdan, a famous Hungarian painter, were on display at the event. One group of works called "chongqing series" is particularly eye-catching.

"Chongqing is a beautiful city and I like it very much," susanna told hualong - the new chongqing client that she created the series after visiting the chongqing three gorges antique city. Susanna said that art and culture have no boundaries, and Hungary and chongqing have many cultural products in common. She hoped that through this activity, more people in chongqing could know about Hungary.

In the coming months, Hungary will host performances by folk dance bands, an exhibition of folk crafts, and a new sport invented in Hungary -- table football. In the autumn of Budapest in the second half of the year, together with the yuzhong district government, we will hold the inauguration ceremony of pedofei statue and the activities of the film festival in erling park.

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