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Western open summit

One of the important activities of the second west China international investment and trade fair, the west China open summit was held in chongqing yuelai international conference center on May 16.

Municipal party committee secretary Chen min 'er, Hungary, vice President of congress had accor, Iraq, Italy's former prime minister, massimo dalema, groves, deputy secretary-general of the sco, ZhuoNong, deputy secretary of the chongqing municipal party committee, mayor tang, guizhou provincial party committee, deputy secretary, governor ChenYiQin, shaanxi provincial party committee, deputy secretary, governor guo-zhong liu, shanxi provincial party committee, deputy secretary, governor LouYang Zhang Xuan, director of the standing committee of National People's Congress, chongqing Wang Jiong, chairman of the CPPCC, vice secretary of municipal party committee ren xuefeng, Vice minister of commerce qian keming, vice minister of water resources jiang xuguang, vice director of state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council ren hongbin, vice chairman of China federation of overseas Chinese li zhuobin, vice chairman of China council for the promotion of international trade zhang shenfeng and other leading officials from ministries and commissions of the state, as well as from some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, attended the summit.

Summit meeting of western open to "open new pattern of the western new opportunities" as the theme, and around the western development, build the "area" and the Yangtze river economic belt topics such as green development, discusses how to further bring into play the function of the contact will communicate, let the west will become a new era to promote the development of the western region to form a new pattern, new as show, realize new breakthrough at the center of the platform and key.

Conference, Charles Yang, vice governor of sichuan province, the national investment in tajikistan and first deputy chairman of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission mu 'min Mr. Da ABU ali hassan al-majid, toure samara oblast in Russia's first deputy governor library Delhi salt season, viktor, tesla Warwick, qinghai government party member liu tao, philips, chairman of the supervisory board jay, Mr Van der veer, zhang guohua, vice governor of yunnan province, the China Yangtze river three gorges group chairman thunder mountain, huaxia bank head office chairman Li Minji guests such as keynote speech.

The summit also invited representatives from One Belt And One Road key nodal countries, experts and scholars in the field, and representatives from central enterprises. At the summit, all parties gathered together to seek a blueprint for the western region, share the opportunities of the western region, and discuss the development of the western region, so as to propose new ideas and new ideas for the future development of chongqing and the western region.

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