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On May 26, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of tang met respectively with to chongqing to attend the west will contact the China communications construction group co., LTD., President of Chen Fenjian, China's energy construction group co., LTD., chairman of jian-ping wang, deputy general manager of China aluminum group co., LTD., bloore, guo guangchang, chairman of fosun group, China national chemical engineering group co., LTD., chairman of the wear and root, the state power investment group co., LTD., chairman of Qian Zhimin.

Tang liangzhi, on behalf of the municipal party committee, municipal government and party secretary Chen miner, extended welcome to all the distinguished guests and thanked all the enterprises for their long-term support and assistance to chongqing. Tang said, at present, chongqing is in-depth implementation of the spirit, the party's nineteen closely around xi jinping, general secretary of chongqing put forward "two points" orientation, "" "projects "the goal request, determined to play the" three big battle ", planning the implementation of "eight action plan", efforts to promote the development of high quality, create a high quality life. CCCC is an oversize comprehensive service provider of infrastructure, with chongqing as the focus of its investment layout. China nengjian is an oversize energy construction group, which has invested in the construction of electric power, highways, industrial parks and other projects in chongqing. Aluminum corporation of China (chalco) is China's largest producer of alumina and primary aluminum, and its southwest aluminum is an important base for research and development of aerospace materials. Fosun group is a well-known investment group in China, deeply engaged in health, tourism, entertainment, finance and other fields. China chemical is China's leading industrial engineering construction enterprises, in chemical energy, infrastructure, green environmental protection strength. State power investment is a comprehensive energy group company, which has the largest power generation enterprise and advanced energy conservation and environmental protection enterprise in chongqing. We hope that all enterprises will continue to give full play to their advantages in capital, technology, talent and management, deepen strategic cooperation and expand effective investment in chongqing. Chongqing will provide enterprises with pragmatic and efficient services and develop together with them.

Chen fenjian said that CCCC is willing to take a deep part in the "three-year action plan" for chongqing's transportation construction, promote the construction of its headquarters and base, and help chongqing speed up its construction of an international comprehensive transportation hub.

Wang said that China nenjian would like to strengthen cooperation with chongqing in smart city, infrastructure, energy and environmental protection, so as to boost the construction of a beautiful place with beautiful mountains and rivers.

'chinalco will work with chongqing to promote the transformation and upgrading of swa, improve its quality and efficiency, make it bigger and stronger, and provide more high-quality products for rail transit, new-energy vehicles and other industries,' Mr. Liu said.

Mr. Guo said fosun would like to deepen its efforts in chongqing and accelerate the launch of projects at its southwest headquarters in the city in areas such as health care, culture, sports, tourism and financial technology.

Dai said China chemical will strengthen its strategic investment in chongqing, actively participate in the construction of municipal, transportation, energy and chemical projects in chongqing, and carry out in-depth cooperation with chongqing enterprises.

Qian said that the state power investment corporation will increase its investment in chongqing and strengthen cooperation with chongqing in new energy, energy equipment manufacturing, ecological and environmental protection, so as to contribute to the high-quality development of chongqing.

Vice mayor liu guiping and other officials attended the meeting.

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