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Nepin met with the group

The opening ceremony and major project signing ceremony of the second China west international investment and trade fair (xiqiahui) opened in chongqing international expo center on August 16.

The theme of this session is "opening up to a new era and making new progress". Chongqing municipal party committee secretary Chen min 'er, Italy's former prime minister, massimo dalema ke-ming qian, vice commerce minister, deputy secretary-general of the sco ZhuoNong ist, ist, Zaire to mill as well as guizhou, shaanxi, shanxi provincial leaders to attend the conference and has delivered a speech. Chongqing municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor tang liangzhi presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

At the opening ceremony and the signing ceremony of major projects, a total of 132 major projects were signed, with a total amount of 337.53 billion yuan. The project mainly involves new materials, new energy vehicles, bio-pharmaceuticals, intelligent manufacturing, high-end logistics, cloud computing, ecological protection, cultural tourism and other industries and fields. In addition, at the opening ceremony, the people's governments of chongqing, guangxi, guizhou, gansu, qinghai, xinjiang, yunnan, ningxia and shaanxi signed an agreement on jointly building a new land-sea corridor. "Lu Haixin channel" west Europe international railway passage, east even the Yangtze river golden waterway, south by China and Indochina economic corridor connects with Singapore and other countries, realized the "area" and the Yangtze river economic belt organic link, promote "open sea internal and external linkage, two-way each other aid" the formation of new pattern, will become the "area" all the way to go deep real important carrier and platform.

On the morning of the same day, the western opening summit with the theme of "opening up new landscape and new opportunities in the west" was also held in chongqing international expo center. The delegates made speeches on the development of the western region in the new era, the comprehensive integration of "One Belt And One Road" and the green development of the Yangtze river economic belt.

Co-sponsored by the ministry of commerce, the ministry of water resources, the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council, the China federation of overseas Chinese, the China council for the promotion of international trade and the chongqing municipal people's government, the conference has become an important platform for China's regional cooperation and exchanges, as well as foreign economic and trade exchanges. It is held once a year. The meeting will be held in chongqing on May 16, 2016.

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