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Guizhou grand health industry investment promotion meeting

During the second "western China investment and trade fair", guizhou province's grand health, medical and breeding industry investment and matching meeting was held in chongqing on July 17. The participants from guizhou and chongqing gathered in chongqing to discuss the development status of the grand health industry, discuss cooperation and seek common development.

Guizhou province, located in the mountainous areas of southwest China, is home to abundant biological resources and is one of the four major producers of Chinese medicinal herbs in China.

At present, there are 4,802 species of Chinese crude drugs in guizhou province, accounting for 40% of the total species of Chinese crude drugs in China, ranking the second in the country. Among the 363 key species in the nationwide unified census, there are 326 species in guizhou, accounting for 88.1%. In 2017, the planting area of traditional Chinese medicine in guizhou reached 2.8593 million mu.

In recent years, the scale of guizhou's large health industry is increasing day by day, the industrial aggregation effect is gradually taking shape, the industry integration develops rapidly, the industrial projects are continuously promoted, and the industrial policies are constantly improved. Guizhou closely around big health industry chain, the key to big health medical, raising, health, tubes, swim, eat six areas to carry out the health industry investment promotion work, big health investment promotion on health the whole industry chain, including farming, medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, medical services, medical apparatus and instruments, the health care keeping in good health, health, pension and other various fields and great health and poverty alleviation, big data, ecology, tourism, and other forms of fusion depth development.

The picture shows the signing ceremony. LengGuiYu perturbation

"Forest, where a is the best choice" in guizhou, guizhou province forestry bureau deputy director to keep all the forest health promotion, guizhou a humid subtropical monsoon climate, no cold winter and summer without the heat, many within the territory of mountains, rivers crisscross, known as "provincial park", is the New York times, the selection of the world's 52's worth a visit tourist destinations.

In order to promote the development of forest health and breeding industry, guizhou has formulated and issued policies such as "regulations for the construction of forest health and breeding base in guizhou province" and "technical regulations for the planning of forest health and breeding base in guizhou province". In the past three years, China has built 32 provincial-level pilot bases for forest conservation, and 40 national-level pilot bases for forest conservation. It is estimated that there will be 100 pilot bases by 2020. We will support the financing of forest health and breeding enterprises and provide financial interest discounts for their loans.

Yang chunfu, deputy director of the investment promotion bureau of guizhou province, said that in order to promote the development of the big health industry, guizhou has also increased policy support to support qualified health and health industry enterprises to conduct direct financing in the main board, small and medium-sized board, growth enterprise market and other forms of multi-level capital markets. Senior executives and core technical talents of health care enterprises can enjoy preferential treatment and convenience in household registration and medical treatment, and their children can study in schools under the jurisdiction where they live in the province when they enter the compulsory education stage.

"Chongqing and guizhou are geographically close, linked by mountains and rivers, and enjoy close people-to-people ties." Li xuesong, director of the second section of chongqing investment promotion bureau, said at the meeting that the economic and trade exchanges between chongqing and guizhou have become closer around the construction of inland open highlands, the expansion of china-europe freight train and the construction of the new southbound passage between chongqing, guizhou and guangxi, which has promoted the coordinated development of chongqing and guizhou in many fields such as economy and culture. We hope that through this press conference of guizhou province project, we can further deepen the cooperation between chongqing and guizhou and jointly open a new journey of cooperation between chongqing and guizhou.

Conference, also held a big medical health industry investment the national-level project signing ceremony, guiyang yunyan district of geriatric hospital which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, zhunyi chishui cloud forest foothill kang characteristic town, zhunyi chishui inferior on kang characteristic town, qiandongnan danzhai congested the secretary studies base four projects signed, total investment of 2.453 billion yuan; A total of 11 projects were included in the results statistics, with a total investment of 7.393 billion yuan. The project involves ecological health, health research, forest health, Chinese medicinal herbs, mountain tourism and other aspects.

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