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What new pattern does the word "xiqiahui" become in chongqing?



Signing ceremony of major projects at the 21st international investment and trade fair in western China. Photo by li xiangbo, xinhuanet

Exhibition is an important window for opening to the outside world

And a national exhibition

A driving force for urban development

It can't be measured by specific Numbers


The 21st international investment and trade fair in western China

(" xiqiahui "for short)

Opening ceremony in chongqing

Major projects with a total investment of 316 billion yuan

A contract was signed on the spot

This year's "xiqiahui"

By China (chongqing) international investment and global procurement

(" chongqing qia club "for short)

The name was upgraded

Chongqing qia has successfully held 20 sessions so far

Has become the domestic first-class comprehensive large-scale international exhibition

A change in the word

Let chongqing from now on more than a national exhibition

But this year's xiqiahui

Compared with the "chongqing q&a" last year

It's not just the names that change

From many details also present a few different pattern

Chongqing needs a national exhibition

A model of a small commercial launch vehicle displayed at the 21st international investment and trade fair in western China. Photo by li xiangbo, xinhuanet

Looking at the provincial capitals in the west, chengdu has the China west international expo (referred to as the "west expo"), and xi 'an has the silk road international expo (referred to as the "silk expo"), both of which are major exhibitions with both influence and international style in the western region.

For chongqing, to build a national exhibition with distinctive features, full of vitality, professional and pragmatic, authoritative and forward-looking, can not only enhance the influence and attraction of chongqing, promote the integration of chongqing into the "One Belt And One Road" initiative and the construction of the Yangtze river economic belt, but also has great significance for accelerating the construction of inland open highland.

"Chongqing qia club" changed its name to "west qia club", which makes it more clear that this exhibition leads the orientation of western inland opening.

On the other hand, not only the name changed, "li zi" should also be changed

From the connotation, it means to upgrade to a national exhibition serving the west, serving the whole country, serving "One Belt And One Road" and serving the whole world. What is highlighted is the new pattern of chongqing's inland open highland construction, as well as chongqing's development consideration of planning a region from the overall situation and serving the overall situation with a region.  

Why has the number of participating countries (regions) increased significantly?

The scene of the 21st international investment and trade fair in west China. Photo by li xiangbo, xinhuanet

Compared with last year, a close look at this year's xiqiahui shows a new pattern and a new atmosphere.

First of all, the number of countries (regions) to participate in the exhibition this year has been greatly increased compared with last year, full of international style.

According to the organizing committee, according to data released 2017 "chongqing will attract the nine countries, including United States, Hungary etc, such as Shanghai and Beijing, 27 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), two of Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region, three deputy provincial cities such as shenzhen, xiamen, cross, dazhou and other 10 ring of chongqing city government delegation participating.

This year's "will", has attracted Britain, France, Italy and other 67 countries (regions), Beijing, sichuan and other 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), two of Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region, deputy provincial cities such as guangzhou, shenzhen, xiamen, 31 rings and 38 districts and counties of chongqing chongqing city of more than 6400 enterprises (institutions) participation.

The number of participating countries (regions) has increased by more than 50, which shows that these countries (regions) are very optimistic about the role of xiqiahui in connecting China's western region with the rest of the world.

Among these countries (regions) participating in the exhibition this year, quite a number of them belong to the countries (regions) along the "One Belt And One Road" route.

Chongqing is also making efforts to build an international sister city network with "One Belt And One Road" as the focus through the platform of "xiqiahui".

From the layout of the exhibition halls, the "chongqing qia" exhibition in 2017 has five themes: inland opening, international cooperation, regional cooperation, competitive industries, and import and consumption, while this year's "xiqia" exhibition has set up "One Belt And One Road" exhibitions for countries along the route in addition to the "international exhibition".

In addition, many countries along the route of "One Belt And One Road" also held various promotional activities at this year's "xiqiahui", such as brand promotion meeting of china-arab states expo and investment cooperation roundtable of "yuxin join hands for connectivity". Vietnam, which recently signed a logistics investment and trade cooperation agreement with chongqing, has also brought high-quality products and projects in agriculture, aquaculture, tourism and other fields.

Such changes also clearly reflect chongqing's "big vision" of basing itself on the west, integrating into "One Belt And One Road" and taking a global perspective, and actively promoting the country's regional development and opening up to the outside world.

From a small stage to a large platform

Longxin uav helicopter exhibited at the 21st international investment and trade fair in west China. Photo by li xiangbo, xinhuanet

Compared with last year, this year's upgraded xiqiahui has been given an important goal, that is, to better "lead the way in opening up" in the western region and provide solid support for foreign exchanges and economic and trade cooperation in the western region.

It is worth noting that this year's "xiqiahui" specially sets up the theme exhibition of "western cooperation exhibition" to provide a promotion platform for western provinces and cities to attract investment and investment. In addition to attracting many western provinces and regions such as sichuan, shaanxi, guangxi and Inner Mongolia to participate in the exhibition, gansu, guizhou and other provinces and regions will also hold a special promotion meeting.

From a regional investment stage, transformed into a service in the west, foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation for western areas to provide a solid support platform, promote the western provinces of all kinds of market main body to carry out the wide-ranging and multi-level exchanges and cooperation and bring TongPinGongZhen effect for the western region, the west will "sights more in the long run.

The word "west" is not simple

In the eyes of li jing, dean of the school of economics, chongqing technology and business university, the word "xi" embodies two meanings

First, it reflects the opening up to the west, which is conducive to the formation of a new opening pattern in the new era, and reflects the connection point between chongqing Yangtze river economic belt and "One Belt And One Road".

Second, it is beneficial for the western region to jointly promote the opening up of the western region and give play to the role of chongqing as a supporting point in the development of the western region.

The west contact the relevant person in charge of organizing committee will argue that "western" section will upgrade, in addition to increase the intensity of chongqing's investment promotion and capital introduction, more help to promote a collaborative linkage between neighboring provinces, accelerate the construction of integrated into the Yangtze river economic belt, promote the development of chengdu-chongqing urban agglomeration coordinated linkage, in the eastern coastal areas with docking mechanism is established.

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